12 Thought-Provoking Ideas For a High School Essay About Fast Food

An essay title determines the reception your paper receives among readers. It should ignite curiosity and provoke the thoughts of the reader, enticing him to read deeper into the paper. The topic should also provide something unique and fresh for the reader to enjoy. Here are interesting topics to consider on fast foods.

  1. Are fast foods a health disaster?
  2. Fast foods, a dangerous invention that cannot be reversed
  3. The benefits of fast foods out-number the disadvantages
  4. Fast foods are not unhealthy, it is people who over indulge
  5. Fast foods should be restricted only to healthy people
  6. Like any other foods, fast foods only have side effects
  7. It is time to stop attacks on fast foods and focus on lifestyles
  8. Fast foods industry is a business with risks and damages, like any other
  9. High prices on fast foods will deter people from over consumption
  10. Fast foods are ordinary foods prepared in a different way
  11. Fast foods safe time, a valuable national resource
  12. Fast foods are cheaper, thus more economical

The title of your fast food essay will be meaningless if your paper is prepared in a haphazard way. The expectations that arise from the title should be met with an excellent body. This is how to craft an interesting paper on fast foods beyond choosing a fresh and unique title.

  • Factual arguments – the best arguments are those based on verifiable facts. These facts are found in books, credible journals, articles and other academic reference materials. It is by reading widely that you get points in support of your ideas and others that you can use to negate the arguments of other people.
  • Correct format – a strong paper captures a brief introduction, well cited and referenced body and a tightly assembled yet brief conclusion. The introduction highlights what your paper is all about. The body supports your arguments while the conclusion ties all arguments together to justify your thesis.

A strong essay title on fast foods should address very specific areas. It should also present a unique perspective especially when handling an obvious topic. This is the only way it is going to be interesting.