Picking Up Unique Topics to Explore in an Essay on the Feminist Theory

So you have been asked to write an essay on feminist theory and you are wondering where to start? Always begin by choosing a topic. For your information, you do not have to stick with the topic to the end. You may choose to change it over time based on new information and the availability of research materials. If choosing a topic is the place to begin, where does one get these topics from?

  • Research recommendations – read journals, academic articles, books and other materials related to feminist theory. You will find suggestions of areas where the authors did not find satisfactory information. This is a gap that you can fill with your paper.
  • Passion – what is your idea about feminist theory? Do you support it or are you against it? This is your opportunity to make your contribution and voice heard in academic. Read widely to know the ideas that already exist. Some will tally with your thinking while others will be contrary. Use those aligned to yours to support your assertions. Provide facts that negate the ideas that you think are contrary to your opinion. Make the presentation unique, strong and compelling. Always differentiate between opinion and facts.
  • Consult – your teacher had something in mind when giving the assignment. It could be a subtopic in the larger unit like leadership, business, sports, fashion, etc. Request more information and direction from your teacher. This ensures that you are working in the right direction to avoid waste of time and resources. The teacher will also provide resources like books, articles, samples, etc to aid in your writing process.

Here are exceptional feminist essay topics to consider:

  1. What is unique about black feminism.
  2. Is feminism a reversal of the principle it advocates?
  3. What is the role of women in technology?
  4. Are women leaders more peaceful than their male counterparts?
  5. Does the physiology of a woman work against her?
  6. Why are women not prominent religious leaders?
  7. Women do not believe in their ability in politics.
  8. The role of a woman in the society is determined by nature.
  9. Fashion is all about raising the profile of a woman.
  10. Behind the scenes, women wild control.
  11. Women are the pillar that hold the family unit together.
  12. Rape and domestic violence in the context of feminism.
  13. Major world sports and feminism.
  14. Women as the pain they suffer in the hands of terrorists.
  15. It is culture and not feminism.

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