A List of 15 Sample Questions To Discuss in an Essay on the Future of Global Finance

The assignment this time round is about global finance and you are wondering what topics to choose. Do not panic. Here are 15 topics that will help you craft the most interesting essay on the future of global finance.

  1. The future of paper money in the wake of cards and mobile transactions
  2. The safety of money considering increased cyber attacks
  3. Accounting for complex business models
  4. Protecting client monies through cloud technology
  5. Rising state debts and effective financial management
  6. The effects of terrorism on global financing
  7. The impact of globalization on international finances
  8. Brexit and the stability of European finances
  9. Is IMF beneficial to third world countries?
  10. The financial implications of trade sanctions
  11. Trade tariffs and their effect on multinational businesses
  12. EPZs and their contribution to global markets
  13. Addressing trade imbalances
  14. Technology as a game changer in global finances
  15. Shining examples of effective global finance management

While a topic is important in determining the quality of a paper, you need to take other measures to raise the quality of your paper. Here are some of the tricks you can use.

  • Use a sample - sample essay questions and papers provide a guide or hint of what is expected of you when writing your paper. Ensure that these samples are obtained from credible sources like the library, from your teacher or a senior. When get these samples, you may consult on how to use them.
  • Formatting - the aspects captured under formatting include the presentation of cover page, spacing throughout the paper, citations, references, etc. The instructions on formatting are usually issued by your teacher. There are two common formatting styles to use: MLA and APA. Each follows unique rules. Learn these rules and use the style consistently.
  • Language - there are vocabularies and a mode of presentation expected in finance or business related writing. Words are given particular meaning by the context. Use words purposely to give meaning to your writing. You may need the assistance of an editor to get your language right.
  • Plagiarism - even with examples and samples at your disposal, do not be tempted to copy. Your work will be flagged for plagiarism and attract a hefty penalty.

The essay question you choose to discuss for your paper on global finances should be interesting and unique. Beyond the title, you need to follow formatting rules to the letter and be consistent to avoid confusion.