How To Come Up With A Thought-Provoking Essay Topic For High School

Getting a paper written with quality content on a topic includes choosing the right topic of interest. High school essay papers can be written on a wide variety of ideas. But for many students, coming up with just one is a challenge. You have guidelines for the assignment to follow and you know the topic you choose must help you meet them. In developing a thought-provoking idea it is important to take the time to think about your interests. Here are tips for high school essay topics along with sample ideas to get you started.

Think about the Perfect Idea

A thought-provoking idea is something to think about deeply. Your idea could be something unique that requires more research than you are willing to do. This may sound like a lot more work, but if your interests are in line with the idea it may not be as boring as you think. The perfect idea is something you can provide a clear argument or opinion. If you were to have peers read your paper what do you want them to observe?

Sample List of High School Writing Topics

  1. Cool fashion trends.
  2. Favorite music artist.
  3. Least favorite food.
  4. Drug abuse among teens.
  5. Human trafficking among youth.
  6. Dreams for and after college.
  7. Getting a driver’s license.
  8. Climate change vs. global warming.
  9. Most influential television show for teens.
  10. Problems in politics.

Other Things to Consider before Writing

Ideas for your paper may include something you have learned recently. You could consider ideas or concepts that affect other people such as immigration, housing, and even public assistance. The kind of topic you choose depends on personal interests. You can choose to write something that directly affects high schoolers or something that affects another age or academic group. Choosing a good idea to write about may require a little patience. Guidelines for the project may give hints on what to write about to make the selection process a little easier.