3 Main Parts Of A Strong Essay On Immigration Reforms

Essays like all other academic papers have writing rules that must be followed. Failure to follow these rules leads to penalties and even disqualification. While the paper has many parts, there are three main ones that need your attention in order to make your paper compelling and interesting to read.

  1. Introduction
  2. This is the opening part of your immigration reform essay. It needs to capture the attention of the reader and generate curiosity. The introduction will determine if the reader goes deeper into the body. If it is weak, your paper will just be dropped and even fetch very low marks. Here are tips on spicing up the introduction.

    • Give a story- humanity loves stories. Find one that is relevant and that makes the reader think deep about your topic. Make it as short as possible.
    • Use statistics- figures grip the attention of readers. Draw the statistics from a reliable person or body. Authoritative research will give credence to your assertion.
    • Quote someone- look for a personality who commands authority in the industry or on immigration and quote him. You might also use a controversial quote and spend the paper negating that.
  3. Body
  4. This is where you are expected to present your arguments. Give information that is verifiable. Make the arguments logical such that a person can easily follow. In case you decide to quote another author, always attribute your sources to avoid plagiarism charges.

    An outline before you begin your paper helps you construct a compelling body. The outline gives a list of ideas and how they will appear in your paper. You can order them in a way that makes it easier to deliver your point. You will avoid repetition when you plan your work using an outline.

  5. Conclusion
  6. This is the crown or icing on your paper. It is your last chance to convince the reader that you have a point. Use strong and deliberate words to make your point. Never introduce a new point at this section. It is time to summarize what was discussed in the body. This section cites the facts presented in the body and uses them to justify claims made or questions raised at the introduction.

For more information on different parts of essays, follow this link. The tips given can be used on other academic papers regardless of the topic. They are prepared by experienced teachers who have assisted students to excel.