An Interesting Introduction For An Essay On Junk Food

The introduction of an essay gives the reader an idea of what to expect. If it is boring and lackluster, no one will look at the paper twice. An interesting introduction attracts attention, sets the bar high and is the only reason people will read through your paper over and over. It will also earn you a higher score. But how do you make your introduction interesting?

  • Be Controversial
  • This means going against the grain. Make a statement that is contrary to common believe. Everyone will want to know why you took that position. If this tactic is to succeed, you must have the facts to prove your point. These facts must be collaborated by other writers and scientific facts.

    The body of your paper will be used to justify the controversy or agree with the statement by disapproving any idea against it. This is a tactic that captures attention and is very effective when dealing with old topics or ideas.

  • Make a Quotation
  • There are people or institutions that influence ideas in each field. They include personalities like CEOs, researchers, reports, etc. Quote one of their findings, messages, reports etc. This is an effective way to provide context to your work. It is a chance to find an affiliation to your argument or to refuse this association by providing evidence to the contrary. Ensure that you quote an authority or authoritative report.

  • Use Statistics
  • Figures are said not to lie. They are generated from intense work and research which makes them believable. They are a firm basis for making conclusions. Some statistics are so shocking that readers will be baffled. Quote reliable statistics to give credence to your statement.

  • Give a Story
  • Human beings are captivated and remember stories better than other modes of presenting idea. The story provides a hook to capture the attention and shed light on an issue. Identify a story that is relevant to your arguments or ideas. This will make it easier to decipher the message.

The introduction of junk food essay is best written at the end after completing the body. You already know what the paper is all about and thus can capture it in bits with a strong introduction. Make your statement strong enough to compel a reader to dig deeper into your paper.