A List Of New Topics To Explore In A 3-Page Macroeconomics Essay

Writing a 3-page project on macroeconomics essay topics requires using a great idea with plenty of information to discuss. This means using a topic that is different while being closely connected to personal interests. The assignment may require you to take more time choosing a topic. Being diligent in finding the perfect topic can make this assignment easy to tackle, despite being 3 pages in length. The following details offer more insight on topic ideas and how to find the best option for your project.

  • Ways to Get Ideas
  • Getting new topics to explore means comparing what you have learned so far in your studies. It is possible to come across new details you will learn later in your studies that can be considered for an essay. You may have learned certain aspects related to macroeconomics that deserves deeper research. From here you can determine potential ideas based on resources you have access to. Talk to classmates about ideas they are thinking about. You may get inspired to write something from another perspective that has already been written.

  • List of Writing Prompts for Potential Topic
  • There are many ideas to consider for your paper but it comes down to knowing your interests. It also helps to choose a topic that has lots of information you can use. Some ideas may not offer enough details to write a paper. To avoid this aspect, consider doing light research on an idea before you settle on it. Here is a list of 10 basic ideas you can rework into your own topic,

    1. Pros and cons of inflation
    2. 2008 Housing Crisis in U.S.
    3. Student loan interest rates
    4. Social media and its effect on the economy
    5. Auto industry bailout
    6. Bitcoin vs. Paypal
    7. Paying for education without government loans
    8. Is crowdfunding helpful or hurtful to the economy?
    9. Why pro athletes get paid so much
    10. Stock market crashes of the past
  • Other Ways to Explore Ideas
  • Find sample papers on related to topics. Your instructor may give tips on where to find sample work online. Ask about writing tools such as a template or outline to help develop essay structure. This can give an idea if the topic you want to use will offer enough details to write a full-length paper.