Coming up with good problem solution essay topics about smoking

A problem solution essay is meant to identify an issue bothering the population and suggest possible solutions. This means that your paper or discussions will have a question and answer approach. You have to identify genuine or pressing problems and provide an answer.
The challenge is usually where to get the ideas for your paper. Here are excellent places that will provide a hint of where to find these topics.

  • What’s trending?
    There are discussions on media outlets about smoking and its regulation. These are relevant and pressing issues to the people. Check social media, conventional outlets like TVs, radio, newspaper, etc for discussions on the subject.
  • Research recommendations
    Authors and academicians recommend areas they feel have inadequate information or can be explored further. This is your opportunity to explore these areas in a paper. It gives you a chance to contribute to academic work.
  • Personal interest
    Does something bother you about smoking? You have been provided with an opportunity to address the issue in a paper. It is a chance to give the topic a personal perspective.
  • Ask your teacher
    The teacher wanted to gauge something by issuing that assignment. Consult to get suggestions on the specific areas you should tackle. The teacher will never mislead you because he has a responsibility to guide you through your academic journey. You might also get high quality reference materials.

Here are excellent essay topics on smoking.

  1. Is addiction curable through exercises?
  2. Should cigarette companies be taxed more to pay for rehabilitation of smokers?
  3. Does the problem of smoking emanate from family influence?
  4. If we deal with stress, can we reduce smoking?
  5. Is raising the price of cigarette the best solution to smoking?
  6. Will cessation of advertisements reduce new entrants into smoking?
  7. Is banning smoking the solution to growing cases of lung cancer?
  8. Are smoking zones an excuse to continue smoking?
  9. A solution to the dangers of second hand smoke
  10. The effect of smoking on the unborn child

A good problem solution essay topic must capture a problem and solution. It must be unique and specific on the issues being addressed. Choose topics are relevant to the world today.