Solid Advice on How to Start an Observation Essay Properly

One of the most difficult tasks amateur and experience writers face is crafting an introduction. The introduction of your observation essay is meant to attract or capture the attention of a reader. It also gives him the idea of what to expect from your paper. How well you write it determines whether a person maintains interest in your paper or not. Here are tips that will help you craft a captivating introduction.

  • Start With an Anecdote
    This is a short but interesting story. It is meant to put your argument in context. The story must be relevant to your topic and is meant to simplify your argument to a reader. Make the story as short and punchy as possible. The reader spends the rest of his reading time looking for answers or relationships with what has been narrated.
  • Give a Relevant Context
    This is meant to ground a reader by providing information that will not be included in the paper. It could be the history of a problem or an explanation why a solution, and especially the one you are providing, is needed. In fact, this could act as a justification on why you need to handle the topic. You may also include some facts that set the mood for your discussion.
  • Provide a Preview of Your Paper
    This is one of the reasons the introduction is sometimes written after completing the essay. The preview acts as a short roadmap that gives the reader an idea of what to expect in just a few minutes. It should be as short as possible and should point at the direction your argument will be taking. It is used to build expectations that must be met in the body of your paper.
  • Give a Unique Thesis Statement
    Your thesis statement gives away your perspective on the subject. By sounding unique, a reader will be bolted to attention because he has encountered something not seen before. Do not be afraid of being controversial as long as you have the fact. The body of your paper will be spent justifying your position.
  • Be Brief
    The opening of your paper introduces your idea and argument by creating anticipation. It is just a brief of what the reader should expect. It thus should be short and precise. Details and justification should be captured in the body.

If you are struggling with how to start an observation essay, use an example as a guide. Ensure that the example is proofread to avoid being misled. The best introduction is one that is catchy and interesting to read.