20 Potential Topics For An Expository Essay About Globalization

Topic ideas for globalization will come from areas of personal interest. Choosing the right topic for your essay will depend on several factors including your ability to research, organize, and support your main points related to your main idea (thesis statement). There are many ideas to consider along with reviewing previously written works to spark inspiration. The following tips and ideas can give a different perspective on the subject of globalization.

Using Samples

When it comes to using a sample essay, globalization writing gets easier with a simplified perspective. A sample paper can help spark all kinds of ideas for a potential paper. A well-written sample also gives an idea of what the final paper should look like. You can work with a professional writer to develop a sample from scratch, or use an academic paper database online with free papers for review from other students.

20 Basic Ideas for Expository Writing

For expository writing, the key is to choose an idea you can explain in detail. In other words, it is like writing a how-to article or instructional piece. You can choose a topic you know well that includes an experience you have gone through. Here is a basic list of ideas to consider.

  1. Changing school lunch policy
  2. Choosing friends
  3. Ideal career
  4. Selecting a college
  5. Learning to cook a favorite meal
  6. Improving the environment
  7. Dealing with stress
  8. Solving a math problem more than one way
  9. Explaining a favorite toy
  10. How to make money
  11. Using music to improve mood
  12. Explaining a procedure to someone
  13. Admiring another person
  14. Being a high schooler for a day
  15. Transportation as a necessity
  16. Favorite author
  17. Recovering from loss
  18. How to choose a tablet
  19. Good or favorite teacher
  20. Helping someone find their way

Other Tips for Expository Topics

Think about investigative ideas that will help in creating an informative paper. The topic idea overall should help share ideas while conveying an overall message that offers a detailed explanation of the main idea.