A List Of Fresh Essay Topics On Feminist Movement

Never underestimate the power of a strong title for your paper. This is the first thing a reader comes into contact with. It forms the picture or determines the reception your paper will receive. What should guide you in selecting a topic for your paper?

  • Strength of the title- chose a title that communicates and elicits curiosity about the idea. A strong title is specific and state exactly what the paper is about.
  • Relevance- feminist movement has been in existence for years. This means that there have been numerous discussions on the subject. Discuss issues that are of interest to people. Something a reader today can relate to.
  • Fresh- do not waste the time of your reader by regurgitating what has been said for years. Look for fresh facts, illustrations, ideas and information. If it is an old discussion, endeavor to provide a new and interesting twist.

Here are fresh ideas for a feminist movement essay

  1. Feminism seeks to discriminate on men, flipping the idea it is fighting about
  2. Gender equality must be earned and never negotiated
  3. Women physiology makes them unequal to men
  4. It is upon women to prove themselves, not for men to recognize them
  5. Technology is equalizing men and women
  6. Women entrepreneurs are turning the tables on men
  7. The beauty industry is lowering the esteem of women, negating the gains by feminism activists
  8. Feminism activism is dying out very fast
  9. Pornography demeans the woman
  10. Caesarian surgery epidemic and feminism
  11. The negative effects of a seemingly strong woman
  12. Strong feminism without eroding family values
  13. The place of feminism in religion

Having identified your title, you must read widely to get fresh and interesting ideas. Consult your teacher for resources like samples on feminism movement essay to strengthen your work. Organize your ideas using an outline and remember to edit it before submitting.