A Collection Of Interesting Position Essay Topics On World Hunger

Famine and hunger are regular occurrences in the world and will easily find their way in class in the form of an essay. When asked to write a position essay on world hunger, the teacher wants you to take a stand. You need to adopt a stand point and defend it with logical and verifiable arguments. Here are fresh position essay topics on world hunger for you to consider.

  1. Governments should spend money on hunger other than military
  2. More food is wasted around the world, enough to feed all the hungry people
  3. Hunger is not about lack of food but its distribution
  4. Many people are hungry because food is too expensive
  5. Hunger is a planning and priority problem other than lack of food
  6. Religions should spend more on feeding the hungry other than setting up flamboyant infrastructure
  7. Women and children bear the blunt of hunger out of the selfishness of men
  8. It is time to legalize GMO to fight world hunger
  9. Charity organizations working in hunger stricken areas are part of the problem and not the solution
  10. Dependent on rain is the main cause of hunger in the world
  11. Indigenous species are the solution to world hunger
  12. The world lacks goodwill to end hunger
  13. World hunger is a business

You now have a good topic for your paper, how do you complete the essay in the shortest time possible?

  • Develop an outline- this is a frame or map indicating the areas of deliberation and points to support. It helps you evaluate the strength of your points in order to split them further or merge them. It also makes your arguments cumulative and logical.
  • Use samples- samples are an indication of what is expected once you complete your paper. Get quality samples from your teacher. Do not copy from these samples since it will be considered as plagiarism.
  • Format- the formatting style to be used is given in the instructions. Follow the style consistently to avoid confusion. Samples will help you in formatting correctly.

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